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STROH: Is this the Last Straw?

Eight million tons of plastic flow into the ocean every year, and plastic straws comprise just 0.025 percent of that. But that hasn’t stopped the straw from becoming the major focus of recent environmental campaigns. And it makes sense! For most people, the straw is something you can easily do without. Eliminating plastic straw usage rarely requires a …

Airy Essentials | Natural Essential Oils | Katee Blizzard's Review
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Essential Oils that are Helping Aussie Farmers

Airy Essentials is an Aussie Brand that is using their essential oils to spread the message of mindful living while also giving back to our Aussie Farmers going through hardship and drought. What I love most about Airy Essentials is how they strive to give back to Mother Nature as it is the living source of their products. …

Archer Eyewear for a Cause | Katee Blizzard Impactful Influencer
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Affordable Sunglasses that Look Great and make a Greater Impact.

With summer just around the corner for us here in Australia, the sun is shining brighter than ever. Having blue eyes means that I have to be ultra cautious of the amount of sunlight my eyes are exposed to and wear sunglasses whenever I go outside. I am so excited to finally have my Archer …